Hangout Live with the Co-Creator of Myst!

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Hangout Live with the Co-Creator of Myst!

Beitrag von Coren-7 » 06.05.2014, 09:33

Cyan hat geschrieben:Do., 8. Mai, 00:00 - 01:00 is happy to invite you to come and join us as we hangout live on air with Rand Miller from Cyan Worlds and Kosta Andreadis from +IGN this Wednesday. We're here to chat about everything from the impending release of RealMyst Masterpiece edition on, classic Myst questions, and maybe even a few questions about Obduction.

We'll be broadcasting live, but the video will be on YouTube after the fact if you can't make it. In any case, we would love to get questions from you, so drop them below and we'll try our best to get to them live!

See you then. :)
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