URU Localization Project

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URU Localization Project

Beitrag von Szark » 05.09.2010, 13:57

Do you speak English? Do you also speak another language?

My name OHB, and I want to recruit you for the URU Localization Project (ULP)!

Our goal is to translate the content and interface of Myst Online: URU Live into as many language as possible. One day we hope to release language packs so those who don't speak English can fully enjoy the experience of being in D'ni. Language packs also be released for the offline version of URU.

Every day we see an increasing number of visitors to the cavern from other countries who speak little or no English. With each language into which URU is translated, new worlds open for new players. Not only will the URU community grow, but it will be enriched by the diverse cultures participating.

Cyan Worlds is aware of this project - a representative called it "very interesting and something that is needed".

Please check out the site and use the Guest access link to look inside and see how it works.

But, we need your help. Even if translating isn't your thing - you can still help by reviewing the translations submitted by others and voting for those that meet expectations. Please join us!