Reminder: Mysterium 2009 Con Book Submission Deadl

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#1 Reminder: Mysterium 2009 Con Book Submission Deadl

Beitrag von Szark » 22.05.2009, 13:10

Shorah and greetings, Myst fans!
Mysterium weekend is fast approaching, and we're starting to ramp up for production of our first ever Mysterium Convention Book. In addition to the important convention-related stuff like the schedule, we want to feature as much community-created content as possible. If you have a short story, poem, painting, drawing, fan-created Age render, or D'ni-inspired food or drink dish, we would love to feature it in the convention book! Get it to us quickly, though, because the deadline for convention book submissions is May 31st! To submit your material, visit and click on the "Con Book Submissions" or "Cook Book Submissions" links at the top of the page.
You don't have to attend Mysterium to get a copy of the completed book, as we'll be selling them online after the convention, but we'd love to see you there! If you haven't already pre-registered to attend, please do so soon by going to the Mysterium website; the deadline for online pre-registration is July 1st. Online pre-registration is $15 for adults, a $5 discount off of the at-the-door price, and a convention book is included in the cost of registration.

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