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The Myst Online Uru Live website is has another addition to the forums in the form of the Developers page
To Quote the Website:
Cyan Worlds, Inc. has agreed to put the program code sources for Myst Online: Uru Live into open source. The code sources that will be included are the code for the client, all the servers and tools. With the source to the client and the servers, fans should be able to set up and run Myst Online: Uru Live and bring Uru community back online. With the source to the tools which include the Plasma20 3DS Max plug-in fans should be able to create new ages as well as create new tools for other 3D modelling programs.

The 3D models and textures that were used to create Myst Online: Uru Live will not be part of the open source license. We will probably release some of these models and textures, but under a different license than the code source. However, we will be creating a Myst Online: Uru Live data server with the compiled game data so that fan supported servers can connect to and then serve that data to their users.

Currently, we are readying the sources for open source in our spare time. The "we" also includes a few ex-Cyan programmers, but it is still tedious work that takes time. If one source set goes faster, we may release that before the others. When we release something, it will be to an open source repository web site. The link to that open source repository will be posted here.

The Myst Online: Uru Live Open Source Team
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