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Beitrag von Szark » 23.12.2008, 21:25

Tis the holiday season, a time for gatherings, a time to reflect the turbulent past year and it is also the perfect time for a holiday season edition of Where R U Uru? This month we find out who won the GoMe Holiday Picture contest, plus an interview with the musical maestro Turjan and we find our colleague Leonardo under the Explorer Spotlight.

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"The Guild of Messengers Newspaper... ...For those who like their morning coffee in the cavern."

If you'd like to receive notice when the newspaper is available, drop a note to us at gomenewsletter@gmail.com. Also for any late breaking news please feel free to use the GoMe News RSS feed.

Lastly all of us at the GoMe would like to extend, to all our fellow explorers and Cyan a big warm season’s greetings and may we all have a peaceful and prosperous Open Source New Year.


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