Nominations for GoW Councillor of Artistic Direction

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#1 Nominations for GoW Councillor of Artistic Direction

Beitrag von Szark » 14.12.2008, 14:35

To quote BAD from the GoW’s forum:
The original plan for the GOW was to include just as many traditional and computer artists as there are 3d designers and writers of code. The more artistic side of age building hasn't been able to take root here. This is mostly the fault of the nature of building ages.

In order for the GOW to function it needs people good enough with code to continually create updates and improve things. This has caused us to focus on that aspect almost entirely. With such focus those who have only artistic or writing skills to offer have been mostly ignored. ...

Most of the ages we have a are visually awesome and really show off all we have learned from studying plasma and Blender. What they lack is one thing that most of the hard core fans of Cyan's work see in games like Uru, the soul. There isn't much story or reasoning behind many of the ages around here. Bimevi, with its origin story is about the closet thing I have seen to creating a mythos around an age.

So how would we do these kinds of things? By becoming more artist friendly. We have discussed many ideas in chats about setting up an image, writing, and whatever else kind of server that will allow artist to have their own area to post pictures, or scribings without having to worry about forum politics and what not. Sort of based on the Deviant art site (no furries!).

Another idea was to team up with the GOFA and have them run this server. Then artists don't have to even go to this forum to discuss things. This site is so technocratic that most artists come here, read a few posts and their eyes glaze over. I have to admit, mine do to sometimes. ;)

So anyway. This job entails dealing with things of that nature, plus if and when the GOW starts doing official age building projects, like a Guild meeting hall or whatever else we may think of, the councillor of Artistic direction oversees the organization of the project. He'll have to recruit artists, 3d designers, coders and whatever else he'll need to get the project done. With the ability to appoint Directors this shouldn't be too difficult, and the high profile of a Guild sponsored project would likely attract many people interested in working on it.

Since we hadn't had time or need to do most of this stuff, the filling of the position, and all that it entails was put on the back burner. Not to mention that we had only garnered 18 representatives since the new structures implementation to now.
The discussion and nomination thread is here: Time to do this Please pop along to the Guild of Writers and have your say.
To post in that thread you will need to join the GoW Representatives group. To do this, click on "User Control Panel", then the "Usergroups" tab. Click in the radio button by "Representatives", select "Join selected", then hit "Submit".

And yes, you can represent more than one guild. It seems nominations are open for a week. Then, if more than one person has been nominated, there will be a poll where GoW representatives will be able to vote for whoever they choose. So come along and have your say.

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