Open competition: exploring Camp Bravo's moon

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#1 Open competition: exploring Camp Bravo's moon

Beitrag von Szark » 02.11.2008, 13:03

To celebrate the final release of the Guild of Maintainers' Camp Bravo (an Age written by GoMa ADD Grandmaster Andy Legate), the Guild is sponsoring a competition open to all explorers.

The competition involves first exploring Camp Bravo by day and night -- either by using Uru:CC/ULM or by slide show/video.

Next (in their imagination), explorers kit themselves up with maintainer suit and backpack containing compass, water, food, rope and other essentials for a two-day hiking expedition, and set off exploring their chosen direction.

They report on their expedition in words, by photograph (aka computer image) or by sketch (scanned drawing), posting their reports and images on a thread on the Guild of Maintainers forum by 30 November 2008.

The best entries will be included in a journal for other explorers to enjoy in Camp Bravo.

The Competition announcement and sign-up thread is here at the MOUL forum:

Final exploration reports and images should be posted here on the Camp Bravo's moon: exploration reports thread.

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