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Beitrag von Szark » 16.09.2008, 01:29

Thanks to the feedback we received regarding the future of the Newsletter, several changes have been made to reflect the wishes of the community. The GoMe Newsletter has been expanded into the GoMe Newspaper. We concentrated the news onto the front pages, included a comic strip, a monthly column from the Guild of Archivists, and added more articles of interest. So without further ado may we presented the all new, and with a little bit of the old, GoMe September Newspaper which is now ready to download, in PDF format.

After reading the Newspaper, write back and tell us which articles are your favorites. General comments about the Newspaper are welcomed also.
It's only through your responses that the GoMe Newspaper will better fit your needs, so please do not hesitate to let us know."

Also can we remind folks about our free Newspaper subscription service? It is easy, just click here, sign up and receive your next copy, direct into your Inbox, KI numbers not required.

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