The Archiver Issue 15 Out Now!

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#1 The Archiver Issue 15 Out Now!

Beitrag von Szark » 01.09.2008, 09:37


After some slight delays, Issue 15 is ready for your reading pleasure!!

This issue, we cover the annual Mysterium gathering, this year in Boston. Editor-in-Chief Alahmnat reports on the action. We also bring you a big feature on Second Life from Archiver debutant Tai'lahr, with another first-timer, Karkadann, theorising on some of the unexplained mysteries of the D'niverse.

We also have the usual gamut of news, opinion and other articles, including Szark's explanation of the new Fan Created Art License initiated by Cyan, as well as Whilyam's thoughts on MORE in relation to another exciting PC title, Spore.

All this and more awaits you in the August edition of The Archiver - Brought to you by The Cavern Today and the wider Uru Community.

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