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#1 GoMe August Newsletter

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Another month closer to MORE and another newsletter, yes the GoMe August Newsletter is now ready, in PDF format, for download. This month we have a new puzzle feature also we have some interesting views, by explorers, on why Uru.

Plus we would like to offer our free Newsletter e-mailing service. Feel free to pop along to our sign up page, KI numbers not required, and receive the next edition directly in to your Inbox.
Newsletter feedback
We are planning to do some changes to the Newsletter, to better reflect the needs of the cavern community for the next edition. Please if you can spare us a few moments and answer these questions and post your comments (Both positive and negative regarding the Newsletter). Please be honest, as this will help us to keep the newsletter fresh.

General questions
#1 Do you read the newsletter each month?
No (Please comment on why not?)

#2 Do you like the August Newsletter?
No (please comment on what things should be improved for you to like it)

The current edition has 5 pages….

#3 Could we make the Newsletter longer? What would be the maximum number of pages for you to still be interested in reading it?

#4 Could we make the Newsletter shorter? What would be the minimum number of pages for you to still be interested in reading it?

#5 Do you think that the current content of the Newsletter fulfils your need to be informed of the Uru community?
Yes, the newsletter is perfect.
Yes, but it covers only my basic needs. I’d appreciate more diversity of articles. (Please comment on what things are missing.)
No. Reading it is a waste of my time. (Please comment on what things are useless.)

#6 Would you like more content about the different Guilds and groups?
No. Keep it just Guild of Messengers news related.
Yes, I want to know more about what each guild and group are doing.

#7 Do you appreciate our new feature: Puzzle section?
It is a fun thing to do, continue having this feature.
It is a good concept but this particular first puzzle was not good.
Useless feature. Keep the Newsletter News oriented.

#8 What other types of content would be good to include?(Multiple answers and answers not on this list are welcomed)
Spotlight on average explorers
Spotlight on key Guild people
Short Stories
A continuing story
A comic strip

#9 How often should the Newsletter be released?
Once a month is fine
Twice a month
Once every 2 months.

#10 What do you think of the look of the Newsletter.
I like it a lot.
It’s ok but could be better (please comment on what could be better)
I don’t like it. It’s just not good looking. (Please comment on what is the problem)

#11 The Newsletter is a PDF file. Would you prefer to read a less fancy, plain text Newsletter?

Thank you for your help in improving the Newsletter.

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