Illusions in the Cavern

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Illusions in the Cavern

Beitrag von Veralun » 04.02.2011, 13:40


Recently explorers experienced some strange sights in the cavern, raising some concerns about whether the Bahro were returning to the Cavern in larger numbers, among other things. Fortunately, our investigation has determined that Yeesha and the "friendly Bahro" are still keeping the "bad Bahro" at bay, and the sights in the cavern were a very convincing, elaborate hoax.

In the meantime, other explorers have asked for permission to set up a specific neighborhood to perform similar shows for those explorers who are interested. The DRC members have been in discussions and have decided to allow this. Two new neighborhoods will be created - "The Hood of Illusions", where illusionists and special effects designers can schedule demonstrations of their abilities, and "The Fun House" where various illusions and special effects can displayed at any time.

We hope these compromises will encourage cooperation between explorers no matter what stance they hold on whether these displays should be allowed in the Cavern.

Be careful down there,

Dr. Watson
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