Treffen mit Reteltee im Watchers Pub (Log)

Informationen zu Gemeinden und den neuen Gilden in Myst Online: Uru Live.
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#1 Treffen mit Reteltee im Watchers Pub (Log)

Beitrag von hordath » 09.09.2007, 10:12

Reteltee (Berater des DRC in Sachen Gilden) sollte inzwischen bekannt sein.
Gestern hat er bei einem Treffen, etwas mehr über sich und seine Aufgaben von sich gegeben
Besonders gut gefallen hat uns seine Fabel !!

(09/08 22:07:33) Reteltee: I'll definitely check it out
(09/08 22:07:34) Dakro: He went to the shaft and hasn't come back
(09/08 22:08:27) Finn Dove: reteltee, can you tell us what happens if you do not choose a guild shirt at all - can we still get into the guild pubs?
(09/08 22:08:32) Reteltee: Lol, thanks for the offers Moderators :). I'd definitely appreciate it
(09/08 22:08:49) Thend: reteltee, about your Bahro encounter. That was your Relto? Did you or they communicate? And can I have the KIpics from it, please (when you are able)?
(09/08 22:09:11) Thend: (Had it typed, please put in line or I will ask again, apologies)
(09/08 22:09:22) Reteltee: Thend; the answer to both is yes; I'll need to wait till I'm out of the Pub tho...lag is killin me
(09/08 22:09:34) Thend nods his head
(09/08 22:09:34) Thend: Thank you
(09/08 22:09:41) Reteltee: No prob
(09/08 22:09:48) Gondar: I'm just wondering what the connection is between phend's comments about the pubs is and the delay.
(09/08 22:10:02) Gadren: what did phil say about the pubs?
(09/08 22:10:40) Finn Dove: what happens if we do not choose a shirt at all - can we still enter guild pubs?
(09/08 22:10:44) Gadren: or maybe he wanted to turn the pubs into Netherlands "coffee shops"
(09/08 22:10:58) Reteltee: Finn; good question. I don't know for sure
(09/08 22:11:07) Reteltee: As of right now, the DRC seems divided on the issue
(09/08 22:11:22) Reteltee: Cate says one thing, Marie another
(09/08 22:11:32) Finn Dove: which way is Cate leaning?
(09/08 22:11:34) DaveRamos: and they want to open the guilds tomorrow? this should be intereting...
(09/08 22:11:35) Reteltee: And Cate has not responded to me yet
(09/08 22:11:49) Reteltee: Not the Guilds Dave, just the Pubs
(09/08 22:11:58) Reteltee: Scar, you're ALWAYS invited ;)
(09/08 22:12:16) Scarlette: lol thanks Ret :)
(09/08 22:12:21) Kal: oy....
(09/08 22:12:22) Reteltee: No prob :D
(09/08 22:13:38) Scarlette: Are you speaking about the guilds right now Ret?
(09/08 22:13:46) Reteltee: Indeed Scar
(09/08 22:13:48) Gondar: Mr Reltree! Mr Reltree! Is it true you're currently in a romantic entanglement with Yeesha, and that phend is jealous?
(09/08 22:14:16) Reteltee: LOL....the details of that relationship are not in my parameters to discuss Gondar
(09/08 22:15:08) Reteltee: I agree; Yeesha is a little out of my age range
(09/08 22:15:21) Reteltee: Plus, my wife might have SOMETHING to say about that
(09/08 22:16:03) Scarlette: I don't understand the "don't need a shirt" to shor support or get into the guild pubs? actually i am completely confused!! :(
(09/08 22:16:06) Reteltee: You don't know my wife
(09/08 22:16:42) Reteltee: Hmm Scar...what can I do to help alleviate your confusion?
(09/08 22:16:54) Gondar: Now, with the bahro at war, we need to burn down the cavern.
(09/08 22:16:56) Reteltee: How bout a quick recap?
(09/08 22:17:21) Reteltee: I was contacted by Marie via Ki mail about a day and a half ago

(09/08 22:17:41) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: es folgt eine uebersetzung aus dem Relaysystem. Wer sie nicht erhalten moechte, kann mich auf ignore setzen (KI 15963)

(09/08 22:17:56) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: Reteltee ist bei einer informellen Diskussion im Watchers Pub

(09/08 22:18:07) Reteltee: She told me explicitly that the Guild Pubs would be opened during this time frame, and that access to them would be controlled by the choice of Guild-support shirt the Explorer made
(09/08 22:18:14) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: F(rage): R(eteletee), sprichst du ueber GIlden?

(09/08 22:18:38) Reteltee: Now today, Cate appears to have flatly contradicted Marie's statement, and has said the Pubs are not yet ready to be opened

(09/08 22:18:46) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: F: Ich verstehe nicht: man muss keine T-Shirts tragen um Support fuer eine Gilde zu zeigen
(09/08 22:18:56) Scarlette: But then Cate just said you won't need shirts to enter the pubs? But whatever you have chosen
(09/08 22:19:02) Reteltee: So fi you're confused....join the club :S

(09/08 22:19:09) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: ich wurde vor 1,5 Tagen von Marie via KI Mail angesprochen

(09/08 22:19:21) DanTheMystFan: I think Cate meant you won't need to be wearing the shirts.
(09/08 22:19:21) Gondar: No! Cate was asked "Do you need to be wearing the guild shirt to get in?" and she replied "no"
(09/08 22:19:32) Gondar: But as for opening.. don't ask me.
(09/08 22:19:32) Reteltee: I've requested some time to meet with Cate, and so far as I can tell my request has been ignored
(09/08 22:19:33) Kal: This just in: we will be using a T-SHIRT NEXUS to access the pubs!!

(09/08 22:19:56) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: sie sagte, die Gildenpubs wuerden waehrend des Zeitfensters eroeffnet, und dass der Zugang ueber die Wahl des Gildentshirts entschieden wuerde

(09/08 22:20:45) Jazz: Has consideration been given to those explorers who don't feel they can support any of the current 5 guilds? Will they be completely excluded from all the Guild Pubs?

(09/08 22:20:53) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: heute erschien Cate und bestritt Maries Aussage, dass die Pubs noch nicht bereit waeren geoeffnet zu werden

(09/08 22:20:54) Reteltee: So far as I know, our position in the Cavern can be tracked by our Ki
(09/08 22:21:16) Reteltee: I'm not sure how the shirt plays into tracking
(09/08 22:21:23) Gadren: Jazz, i don't see why people who choose not to get a shirt should be able to go to the Pub... this isn't the League of Nations, people :P

(09/08 22:21:28) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: F: Nein! Cate wurde gefragt: Muss man T-Shirts tragen um reinzukommen und sie sagte "nein"

(09/08 22:21:51) Deem: Reteltee, how is Phil doing? Anything more from him?

(09/08 22:21:56) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: ich versuchte mehrfach Cate zu treffen, und soweit ich sagen kann ignorierte sie mich

(09/08 22:22:11) Reteltee: Phil is he is doing
(09/08 22:22:24) Reteltee: Frankly, I think he's lost his fire-marbles

(09/08 22:22:33) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: F: Was ist mit Forschern die sich fuer keines der T-Shirts entscheiden? Sind sie ausgeschlossen? (sinngemaess)

(09/08 22:22:38) Scarlette: And perhaps that is what the choice is all about. Encouraging you to wear a guild shirt over the yeesha shirt
(09/08 22:22:44) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: F: wie gehts Phil?
(09/08 22:22:50) Reteltee: Next?

(09/08 22:22:54) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: es geht es geht

(09/08 22:23:02) Reteltee: :)

(09/08 22:23:14) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: ich glaube, er hat seine Feuermurmeln verloren

(09/08 22:23:46) Reteltee: Sorry, did I miss one? Jazz, what was your question?
(09/08 22:24:08) Dimitrios: So maybe reteltee is the he that is you like colours ?
(09/08 22:24:27) Reteltee: I love the colors, but I don't think I'm the he
(09/08 22:25:07) Reteltee: Next
(09/08 22:25:07) F'lessen: The question was, what about people who don't choose a shirt at all
(09/08 22:25:08) Gondar: Can we get into the pub and guild bevin (er hood) with a shirt, or only the pub and need to be a member somehow for the bevin?
(09/08 22:25:20) Gondar: Do my question after the other about no-shirts.

(09/08 22:25:35) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: [kein relay im moment]

(09/08 22:25:48) Gondar: other words, will guild bevins be private?
(09/08 22:25:56) Reteltee: So far as I know, the Pubs are the only thing being opened up this time round, and Marie says access to them will be determined by shirts
(09/08 22:26:16) Reteltee: I'm afraid I don't have any info on Guild-specific bevins/hoods
(09/08 22:26:26) [Moderator] Lfus: please pm mod zedra with the word question to get your question to get in the que for questions for Reteletee
(09/08 22:26:28) Reteltee: (and I'm not getting drawn into which word is correct :P)

(09/08 22:26:35) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: F: koennen wir in den pub und das Gildenbevin mit einem Shirt kommen, oder muss man im Bevin Mitglied sein um dorthin zu gelangen?

(09/08 22:26:41) Reteltee: reply You bet :) Thanks for providing them
(09/08 22:26:54) Gondar: There's still a pending one about people with no shirts getting into pubs.

(09/08 22:26:59) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: F: oder anders gefragt: werden die Gildenbevins privat sein?

(09/08 22:27:22) Reteltee: The information given to me by Marie says that access to the Guild Pubs will be determined by shirts

(09/08 22:27:32) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: soweit ich weiss sind nur die Gildenpubs geoeffnet im Moment, und Marie sagt der Zugang laeuft ueber die T-Shirts

(09/08 22:27:38) Gondar: Guess it's a no shirt no service then.
(09/08 22:27:40) Reteltee: I would assume then, if you have no shirt, you have no access, but I don't know that 100%

(09/08 22:28:05) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: tut mir leid, dass ich keine Infos ueber spezielle Gildenbevins habe

(09/08 22:28:10) Gadren: seriously -- it's not a big deal. Just treat the shirts as like tickets to get into a pub. you don't even have to wear them. it's such a big sacrifice
(09/08 22:28:23) Reteltee: It may appear that way; however I wouldn't put it past Cate to be intentionally...misleading for her own purposes

(09/08 22:28:34) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: die Info von Marie sagt, dass der Zugang in die Gildenpubs ueber die T-Shirts laeuft

(09/08 22:28:40) Gondar: Heh.. that's an understatement.
(09/08 22:28:50) Reteltee: I trust Marie somewhat more
(09/08 22:28:51) ComputerSage: What shirt dod you pick Reltee? And will you be able to enter all pubs?

(09/08 22:29:03) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: ich wuerde daher vermuten, wenn du kein Shirt hast, hast du keinen Zugang, aber das ist nicht 100 %ig

(09/08 22:29:15) Reteltee: Good question Computer; as of today, I have not yet selected a shirt
(09/08 22:29:22) Trevor1013: Reteltee, what do you know about this "Spy Room" and why would we be given access?

(09/08 22:29:25) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: ich vertraue Marie etwas mehr (als Cate)

(09/08 22:29:29) Reteltee: So I do not know if I will be able to enter any Pub

(09/08 22:29:38) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: F: welches Shirt hast du genommen?

(09/08 22:29:45) Reteltee: I was instructed to maintain as much neutrality as possible

(09/08 22:30:02) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: gute Frage. Fuer heute hab ich noch keines gewaehlt

(09/08 22:30:36) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: daher weiss ich nicht, ob ich in einen Pub gelange. Ich wurde angewiesen so neutral wie moeglich zu sein

(09/08 22:30:36) Reteltee: It was explained to me that if I were to select a shirt, it could seem as though I were favoring one Guild over another, something which, at this point, I am not allowed (nor have any desire) to do
(09/08 22:30:40) Gondar: I think Kodama considers affairs of explorers beneath his time.
(09/08 22:30:58) Trevor1013: Reteltee, what do you know about the Spy Room and why would we be given access to it?
(09/08 22:31:03) Reteltee: At this point, I do not even know whether or not I will ever even be able to JOIN a Guild
(09/08 22:31:06) Trevor1013: oops
(09/08 22:31:15) Reteltee: Sorry, wasn't ignoring the spy room question
(09/08 22:31:23) Reteltee: It would help if you wait until I say next before asking
(09/08 22:31:34) Dimitrios: I like you Reteltee and congratulations of that you are trying to do.It is very difficult with us :)
(09/08 22:31:40) Reteltee: That way I can finish answering the previous one; it's ok though :)
(09/08 22:31:50) Reteltee: Thank you Dimitri
(09/08 22:31:52) Trevor1013: Accedintaly hit enter
(09/08 22:31:58) Reteltee: No worries Trevor

(09/08 22:32:21) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: mir wurde gesagt, dass wenn ich ein T-Shirt trage, dass es so aussehen koennte, als wuerde ich eine Gilde bevorzugen; etwas, das ich im MOment nicht soll (oder bereit bin)

(09/08 22:32:30) Reteltee: Trevor, the answer to your question on both counts is I don't know
(09/08 22:32:31) Scarlette: Holy cow you draw a crowd!
(09/08 22:32:35) Reteltee: Sorry
(09/08 22:32:39) Trevor1013: lol Thanks
(09/08 22:32:42) Reteltee: Lol Scar
(09/08 22:32:58) Reteltee: Next
(09/08 22:32:58) Dakro: Scarlette is always exciting the masses :D

(09/08 22:33:04) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: daher weiss ich im Moment nicht, ob ich (je) in der Lage sein werde eine Gildenpub zu betreten

(09/08 22:33:23) Gadren: OK, well, basically, there are a few people who seem to be irked that there's no guild for archivists and researchers ... i treat the cartographers as similar enough. what a re your thoughts?

(09/08 22:33:31) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: Forscher: ich mag dich R, und Glueckwunsch fuer das was du versuchst zu tun. Das ist sehr schwer
(09/08 22:33:36) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: lol, danke
(09/08 22:33:53) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: was die Frage mit dem Spyroom betrifft, dazu weiss ich nichts

(09/08 22:34:08) Reteltee: Indeed Gadren; the Cartographers worked very closely with the Archivists, Surveryors, the (minor Guilds of) Anthropologists, and Zoologists
(09/08 22:34:30) Reteltee: So there was much collaboration
(09/08 22:35:08) Gadren: so basically i treat it like the "Looking At Stuff Guild"
(09/08 22:35:11) Reteltee: So just because those Guilds are not yet specifically represented, does not mean that (A, they won't be at some point, and (B that Explorers with interests in those areas should feel excluded

(09/08 22:35:20) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: F: es gibt einige Leute, die sich aergern, dass es keine Gilde fuer Archivisten und Forscher gibt...ich denke (?) die Kartographen sind aehnlich genug. Was denkst du?
(09/08 22:36:08) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: In der Tat, die Kartographen arbeiteten sehr eng mit den Archivisten, Prospektoren, den Anthroposophen, den Zoologen zusammen

(09/08 22:36:09) Reteltee: I have said before that WERE I to support a Guild officially, or join one eventually, it would probably be the Cartographers. I find their work incredibly fascinating
(09/08 22:36:15) Reteltee: You bet Gadren
(09/08 22:36:42) Reteltee: Would you all indulge me in telling a bit of a story for a moment?
(09/08 22:36:48) DocOlanA: What guild will be allowed access to D'ni texts, so that they can assist the DRC in translating them, so that we can actually get some of them out to the explorers? Because I want to join that one.
(09/08 22:37:13) Reteltee: I'll answer Doc's question first, and then tell my story

(09/08 22:37:22) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: Das diese Gilden nicht selbstaendig vertreten sind, bedeutet nicht, dass sie a) nicht irgendwann und b) dass Forscher mit diesem Schwerpunkt sich ausgeschlossen fuehlen muessen

(09/08 22:37:45) Reteltee: Doc, I think it's a real possibility, however I know at this point the DRC is much more focused on other things
(09/08 22:38:07) Reteltee: Ok, here is my story

(09/08 22:38:14) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: ich sagte einst, dass ich die ARbeit der Kartographen sehr unterstuetze und faszinierend finde

(09/08 22:38:42) Reteltee: There once was a young Guildsman, a member of the Surveyors, who felt he was quite the important lad
(09/08 22:39:22) Reteltee: This Guildsman was the son of a Grand Master of the Guild of Surveyors, and his father was saddened by the arrogance he saw in his son
(09/08 22:39:44) Reteltee: So one day, his father decided he would help his son understand his place in the world
(09/08 22:40:20) Reteltee: So he took his son to a new Age, one which had only recently been added to the canon, and was found in one of the Common Libraries
(09/08 22:40:36) Reteltee: It was so new, that Maintainers inspection stamp had barely dried
(09/08 22:41:13) Reteltee: And the Grand Master told his son that he was to be honored with a great task; to Survery this new Age, alone
(09/08 22:41:45) Reteltee: And the son thought to himself "What a great way to make a name for myself...a name even greater than my father's"
(09/08 22:41:50) Reteltee: So he hastily accepted
(09/08 22:42:23) Reteltee: And so he began to survey the Age; he took core sample, soil samples, analysed to composition of the bedrock
(09/08 22:42:39) Reteltee: An over the course of many weeks, began to bring back his findings to the Guild
(09/08 22:42:58) Reteltee: All the while thinking he was gaining prestige and respect from his Guildsmen
(09/08 22:43:19) Reteltee: And he carried on like this, for a yea
(09/08 22:43:34) Reteltee: Until finally, he was sure his Survey was compelte
(09/08 22:43:48) Reteltee: So he came before the Guild Council to present his report
(09/08 22:44:22) Reteltee: And the first question the council asked of him, was the approximate length and breadth of the landmass of this new Age
(09/08 22:44:36) Reteltee: The youn Guildsman was silent, for he did not know
(09/08 22:44:50) Reteltee: The second question he was asked, was about the flora, and fauna
(09/08 22:44:55) Reteltee: Again, he was silent
(09/08 22:45:21) Reteltee: And finally he was asked to note the weather patterns and overall climate
(09/08 22:46:01) Reteltee: Of this, he knew so little, he was again silent, for he had not paid attention to it
(09/08 22:46:29) Reteltee: Finally he cried out to the Council "WHy do you ask me these questions? Was not my task to Survey this Age? This I have done!"
(09/08 22:47:09) Reteltee: And it was his father who asnwered him saying "Son, you have seen without seeing, you have tasted without tasing, and you have touched without feeling"
(09/08 22:47:48) Reteltee: "For in thinking you could do alone, what indeed takes all of us together to do, you have shown that you do not know what it means to be D'ni"
(09/08 22:48:03) Reteltee: And with that, the son turned and fled the Guild Hall
(09/08 22:48:55) Reteltee: And so, the lesson was shared throughout the Empire; no one man, is greater than D'ni
(09/08 22:49:10) Reteltee: SO we too, as Explorers would do well to know
(09/08 22:50:15) Reteltee: Thanks :)

(09/08 22:38:40) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: wuerdet ihr gestatten dass ich dazu etwas aushole?
(09/08 22:39:39) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: ok, hier ist meine Geschichte
09/08 22:40:24) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: da war einst ein junger Gildenmann, ein Mitglied der Prospektoren, der fuehlte, er waere ein wichtiger Neuling
(09/08 22:41:20) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: dieser Gildenmann war der Sohn eines Grossmeister der Prospektoren, und sein Vater war genervt von der Arroganz seines Sohnes. Also beschloss der Vater eines Tages dem Sohn seinen Platz in der Welt zu zeigen
(09/08 22:41:46) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: er schickte seinen Sohn in ein neues Zeitalter
(09/08 22:42:16) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: es war so neu, dass es die Erhalter gerade besichtigt hatten
(09/08 22:43:04) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: und der Sohn dachte: eine super Gelegenheit um sich einen Namen zu machen...einen Namen, groesser als der meines Vaters. Also willigte er sofort ein
(09/08 22:43:53) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: und er begann das Zeitalter zu erforschen; er erforschte das Innere, nahm Proben usw.
(09/08 22:44:20) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: immer in dem Glauben Prestige zu sammeln und Respekt von den Gildenmitgliedern
(09/08 22:44:26) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: so ging das ein Jahr
(09/08 22:44:36) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: bis er sicher war alles erforscht zu haben
(09/08 22:44:54) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: also trat er vor den Gildenrat um seinen Bericht abzugeben
(09/08 22:45:43) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: und die erste Frage des Rates war, ob er Laenge und Breite des neuen Zeitalters nennen koenne. Der junge Gildenmann schwieg, da er es nicht wusste
(09/08 22:46:00) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: die 2. Frage war ueber Flora und Fauna. Und wieder sagte er nichts
(09/08 22:46:18) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: und schliesslich wurde er ueber das Wetter und das Klima befragt
(09/08 22:46:40) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: davon wusste er so wenig, dass er wieder nichts sagte, weil er es nicht wirklich beachtet hatte
(09/08 22:48:00) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: schliesslich kam es aus ihm raus und er schrie: warum fragt ihr mich so Zeug? Warum fragt ihr mich nicht ueber Wendungen -d avon versteh ich was!
(09/08 22:48:48) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: Und es war sein Vater, der antwortete: "Sohn du hast geschaut, ohne zu sehen, du hast geschmeckt, ohne zu schmecken, und du hast die Sachen beruehrt, ohne ein Gespuer.
(09/08 22:49:30) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: Wenn du denkst, du kannst Sachen alleine tun, was wir alle gemeinsam machen, dann hast du gezeigt, dass du nicht verstanden hast was es heisst ein D'ni zu sein
(09/08 22:49:41) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: und damit verliess der Sohn die Gildenhalle
(09/08 22:50:06) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: Und das war die Lektion: kein einzelner ist groesser als D'ni
(09/08 22:50:47) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: Gleiches gilt fuer uns als Forscher - wir sollten wissen was wir tun

(09/08 22:50:27) Janine: wow Reteltee, where did you get that story?

(09/08 22:51:02) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: [Forscherapplaus, grossartige Geschichte]
(09/08 22:51:12) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: danke

(09/08 22:51:15) Reteltee: That story is from an old book of D'ni tales, which I was fortunate enough to stumble upon (OOC; I made it up)

(09/08 22:51:23) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: F: wow R, woher hast du diese Geschichte?

(09/08 22:52:03) Sorceress: If you manage to get your hands on more fables, please share! :)
(09/08 22:52:09) Gadren: yah
(09/08 22:52:15) Ron1P says huh?
(09/08 22:52:17) Reteltee: I'd be happy to :)

(09/08 22:52:33) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: die Geschichte stammt aus einem alten D'ni Fabelbuch ueber das ich gestolpert bin

(09/08 22:52:34) Reteltee: We'll have a Story Night in Kirel
(09/08 22:52:39) Reteltee: :)
(09/08 22:52:50) Dakro: Good idea Reteltee!

(09/08 22:52:53) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: F: super. wenn du mehr Fabeln kennst - teile sie :)

(09/08 22:52:54) Reteltee: Yes, if there are more questions, I'm happt to answer what I can
(09/08 22:53:02) Reteltee: :) Thx Dak
(09/08 22:53:05) DocOlanA: Great idea, Reteltee.

(09/08 22:53:07) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: wir werden eine Geschichtennacht in Kirel haben
(09/08 22:53:27) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: ja, wenn es noch Fragen gibt, beantworte ich sie gerne

(09/08 22:53:29) Dimitrios: I dont know anything about creating graphics in a computer or about programming.what i will do when i will be inside a guild ?lets say writers for example?(sorry for my english).i want to be member in 3 guilds (writers,chartographers and maintaners))
(09/08 22:54:11) Reteltee: I don't know exactly what contricutions, both IC and OOC will be made by Explorers Dmitri
(09/08 22:54:18) Reteltee: *contributions, even
(09/08 22:55:03) Reteltee: I also don't know whether or not we'll be able to join more than one Guild at a time

(09/08 22:55:21) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: F: Nun, ich verstehe nichts vom Erstellen von Graphiken am Computer oder Programmieren. Was muss ich tun, wenn ich in einer Gilde bin. Sagen wir bei den Schreibern
(09/08 22:55:25) Dakro: Seems doubtful otherwise you could be a member of all five
(09/08 22:55:27) Reteltee: Lol
(09/08 22:55:46) Reteltee: Well, if it's controlled on an Avatar basis, then I spose it's a possbility
(09/08 22:55:49) Dimitrios: But i want to help but i dont undestand how
(09/08 22:55:51) Reteltee: :)
(09/08 22:56:02) Mysthral: Wow you have a lot of time on your hands Dmitrios

(09/08 22:56:04) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: Ich weiss nicht was man einbringen muss, IC wie auch OOC wird von den Forschern festgelegt

(09/08 22:56:16) Reteltee: Right now, the best way to help, is simply to contribute your ideas to the ginormous pot of them already contributed
(09/08 22:56:25) Reteltee: Next?

(09/08 22:56:26) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: ich weiss auch nicht ob oder wo man mehreren Gilden beitreten kann

(09/08 22:56:34) Kelsa: Will there be any other Guilds or is the current list the full list that will be offered?

(09/08 22:56:48) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: wenn es ueber die Avatare geregelt wird, dann denke ich, es ist eine Moeglichkeit

(09/08 22:57:01) Reteltee: The goal is to eventually Restore as many Guild as possible, but for the forseeable future, the Five we have now will be the focus
(09/08 22:57:14) Reteltee: Next?
(09/08 22:57:26) DocOlanA: A follow up to my previous question. We're all aware that the DRC is focusing on other things. But isn't that the purpose of the guilds? To help the DRC do things? Isn't that why they've sanctioned them? Explorers want to know about the D'ni, and the DRC doesn't have time to give them that knowledge. So wouldn't it make sense to let a few explorers work with the DRC on translations? Many of us are willing to volunteer for such things at no cost to the DRC, and many of us have the skills.

(09/08 22:57:29) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: im moment scheint der beste Weg zu helfen eure Ideen einzubringen (Frei uebersetzt)

(09/08 22:57:33) DocOlanA: So my question is: Where do we sent resumes?
(09/08 22:57:45) Reteltee: Lol
(09/08 22:57:53) Reteltee: A great question actuallyt
(09/08 22:58:01) DocOlanA: I'm serious. I've got work experience in this area, and I know others who do too.

(09/08 22:58:02) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: das Ziel ist, so viele Gilden wie moeglich wieder zum Leben zu erwecken, auch wenn wir uns im Moment auf fuenf konzentrieren
(09/08 22:58:21) Reteltee: think the difficulty is that the DRC is reluctant to part with control of the Cavern. They have grown used to giving us the access THEY feel we are ready for
(09/08 22:58:22) DocOlanA: We'll work for free, we'll work under DRC review, we'll sign NDAs or whatever they want, and we've got the skills to do this kind of thing.
(09/08 22:58:57) DocOlanA: But right now, they feel we're ready for, well . . . nothing. We haven't gotten any new information about the D'ni since Nick gave the SoDK that translations of D'ni creation mythos.
(09/08 22:59:02) Reteltee: So I don't think they're going to give up that control easily...not saying they never will, but I think first we have to show them as an Explorer community that we can take that burden from them
(09/08 22:59:17) DocOlanA: Okay, how would you suggest we start to show them that?
(09/08 22:59:33) DocOlanA: Because there's a number of us willing to do whatever it takes.
(09/08 22:59:39) Reteltee: Well...I don't think my honest answer to that would go over too well
(09/08 23:00:03) DocOlanA: If it's the honest answer, say it anyways.

(09/08 23:00:09) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: F: der DRC konzentriert sich noch auf anderes. Ist das keine Gildenunterstuetzung den DRC zu unterstuetzen? [viele Fragen auf einen Schlag] Forscher mochten ueber Dni bescheid wissen und der RC hat keine Zeit sein Wissen weiterzugeben....

(09/08 23:00:18) Reteltee: I think we have a great community of Explorers, and I have immense respect for the community

(09/08 23:00:22) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: F: wohin sollen wir Fragen senden....

(09/08 23:00:56) Reteltee: But, like in any community, there are those who contribute little else besides negative, destructive ideas, comments, and enegery
(09/08 23:01:01) Reteltee: *energy

(09/08 23:01:02) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: ich glaube nicht, dass sie uns schnell Kontrolle uebertragen [sorry, komm nicht nach]

(09/08 23:01:13) Reteltee: The difficulty isn't in dealing with those people
(09/08 23:01:23) Reteltee: The difficulty is that theya re often the LOUDEST
(09/08 23:01:34) Reteltee: And therefore are the most visible to the DRC
(09/08 23:01:39) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: ich denke, das ist eine grossartige Community und ich habe angemessenen Respekt vor der Gemeinschaft
(09/08 23:01:44) Gadren: i know what you mean
(09/08 23:01:50) Relayer Corps: are you saying the rest of us need to be louder?
(09/08 23:01:54) Relayer Corps: Sorry
(09/08 23:02:00) Reteltee: Not necesarily Relayer
(09/08 23:02:09) Reteltee: It's just that...think of it like this
(09/08 23:02:17) Sha'ingira: Just tell them Copernicus called, and they're NOT the center of the universe!

(09/08 23:02:39) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: aber wie in jeder Community gibt es auch welche die alles negativ sehen, destruktive ideen, Kommentare, Energie. Das Problem ist damit umzugehen. Das Problem ist, dass sie oft am lautesten schreien

(09/08 23:02:46) Reteltee: When people think of a group or community, they often tend to take the loudest, most obvious, and vocal members of said community to be the leadership

(09/08 23:02:50) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: und daher sind sie am leichtesten fuer den DRC zu sehen
(09/08 23:03:01) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: F: meinst du, WIR sollten lauter sein?

(09/08 23:03:14) Reteltee: E.g. the world sees the United States through the lense of it's leaders; the President, Congress, etc

(09/08 23:03:16) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: nicht unbedingt. Es ist...wie es ist

(09/08 23:03:26) Gerard: sure
(09/08 23:03:29) Warren Weisstieg: And they assume
(09/08 23:03:55) Reteltee: Exaclty Warren, they assume that what those perceived to be leaders present as their ideas are representative of their community

(09/08 23:04:23) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: Wenn man ueber eine Gruppe oder Community nachdenkt, neigt man oft dazu auf die lautesten zu hoeren und diese sagen auch oft, sie seien die Vertreter der Community

(09/08 23:04:29) Reteltee: The DRC pays attention to the things that happen, both IC and in the forums
(09/08 23:04:44) DocOlanA: Sure. I have to deal with that all the time in my surface job. Those of us who want more information on the D'ni are starting to get together. The "clubs" of scholars are starting to work together, so that we can make our voice heard. And it's great we're getting ages, but lots of us want to learn about the D'ni. Now we'll help the DRC to give us more information, we'll do whatever we need to. We'll offer people for free to help the DRC with translations, people who actually have the
(09/08 23:04:54) Reteltee: And of course the communique that goes directly to them

(09/08 23:05:11) DocOlanA: skills. We'll sign NDAs, we'll send in resumes, and if you're saying we need to make more noise to overcome the negativity, then we will make a hell of a lot of noise. But we'd like some direction.

(09/08 23:05:18) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: .... R: der DRC verfolgt aufmerksam alle Dinge die geschehen, beides, IC und in den Foren

(09/08 23:05:27) Reteltee: And lately, they have seen a lot of negativity....making it harder for them to trust the community
(09/08 23:05:35) Reteltee: Right or wrong, I know that's how they feel
(09/08 23:05:56) Reteltee: I tell them otherwise; I tell them about the great strides we are making as Explorers
(09/08 23:05:56) DocOlanA: The biggest thing is that we scholars love the idea of the guilds. We don't want to work against the guilds, we don't want to work against the DRC. So we want to know what we need to do to work WITHIN the community to get the information we want.
(09/08 23:06:12) Reteltee: I tell them about people who are here, making a difference, day in and day out
(09/08 23:06:24) Reteltee: Yes Doc

(09/08 23:06:41) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: F: klar, ich muss damit in meinem Job an der Oberflaeche umgehen. Die von uns, die mehr ueber DNi wissen wollen, ruecken zusammen. Die einzelnen Forschergruppen ruecken zusammen. Das macht ihre Stimme staerker

(09/08 23:07:01) Reteltee: The best thing to do right now, IMO, is to turn those scholarly energies into studying what the Cavern IS right now, and trying to determine how we get it to what it is we want it to BE
(09/08 23:07:06) Warren Weisstieg: So the people who are the most trustworthy and don't just want attention have little idea how to actually help the DRC
(09/08 23:07:08) Sorceress: I'm back and I probably agree with whatever Doc said

(09/08 23:07:14) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: .... R: richtig oder falsch, ich weiss, dass sie (vermutlich DRC) es so sehen
(09/08 23:07:32) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: falls es anders ist, sag ich es ihnen
(09/08 23:07:39) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: die Fortschritte die die Forscher machen

(09/08 23:07:42) Ethan Hunt: So anyone with a desenting opinion is not welcome.
(09/08 23:07:44) DocOlanA: All right, Reteltee. We'll do that. But please, tell the DRC that they have people waiting, willing, and wanting to help them find more information on the D'ni.
(09/08 23:07:49) Dimitrios: You know why ?because they did not make the new people here to love the history of this place and not only to give us new worlds which is difficult at this time for them.i say give the people more history
(09/08 23:08:04) Reteltee: The DRC hold the cards; that's simply the trusth of it. If we are to prove to them our capability of taking a hand or two, then we have to rise above politics, rivalries, and underhandedness

(09/08 23:08:06) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: ich berichte ihnen von Forschern, die sich unterscheiden, jeden Tag

(09/08 23:08:17) Warren Weisstieg: Dimitrios, it's almost that attitude that he's talking about, demanding things
(09/08 23:08:38) Reteltee: Which is why, I always come back to community, communication, and collaboration

(09/08 23:09:03) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: F: wir lieben die Idee der Gilden. Wir wollen nicht dagegen arbeiten, oder gegen den DRC. Wir wollen wissen, was wir INNERHALB der DRC Gemeinschaft tun sollen um Informationen zu bekommen die wir wollen
(09/08 23:09:06) Reteltee: These are the things that will save this Cavern from again sucuumbing to the frailities of human, and D'ni, nature
(09/08 23:09:15) Dimitrios: Thats true but i am worried because of that Warren.every game with a good backround story survives

(09/08 23:09:34) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: M.E: ist der beste Punkt diese Energien ins Forschen zu setzen

(09/08 23:09:47) Warren Weisstieg: Let's stop worrying then and wait and trust, that is the only way things really get to work
(09/08 23:09:49) Dakro: the problem Dimtri is there's one here before they arrived, a half of the story that makes this world difficult to understand
(09/08 23:09:55) Reteltee: That doesn't mean we have to sit around singing Kum By Yah
(09/08 23:10:12) Dakro: It would be nice Reteltee :D
(09/08 23:10:12) Reteltee: Disagreement is necessary, and healthy
(09/08 23:10:25) Reteltee: But only if we EXPRESS that disagreement in healthy ways

(09/08 23:10:45) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: der DRC hat die Karten in der Hand, das ist einfach die Wahrheit. Wenn wir unsere Moeglichkeiten bweiseen, dann nehmen wir an Politik usw. teil

(09/08 23:10:52) Gadren: reminds me of one US politician talking about the difference between disagreeing and being disagreeable
(09/08 23:10:55) Warren Weisstieg: mmhmm
(09/08 23:11:03) Reteltee: Indeed

(09/08 23:11:04) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: das heisst nicht das wir rumsitzen und Kumbahja singen
(09/08 23:11:12) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: Widerspruch ist auch wichtig
(09/08 23:11:29) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: aber nur, wenn wir ihn ANGEMESSEN aeussern

(09/08 23:11:38) Reteltee: Oh, and Doc? I'll pass along your sentiments to the DRC
(09/08 23:11:39) Warren Weisstieg: Who was that?
(09/08 23:11:45) Reteltee: Next?
(09/08 23:11:59) Gadren: who was the politican, you mean?
(09/08 23:12:09) Warren Weisstieg: Yes
(09/08 23:12:15) Gadren: Ah, ok, that was Barack Obama :)
(09/08 23:12:28) Dimitrios: :)
(09/08 23:12:34) Dakro keeps things he doesn't like out of the cavern (politics)
(09/08 23:12:46) Gadren agrees with Dakro
(09/08 23:12:48) Reteltee: Ok
(09/08 23:12:59) Reteltee wholeheartedly agrees with Dakro and Gadren
(09/08 23:13:29) Reteltee: Someone had an idea earlier?
(09/08 23:13:39) Aberlin: I did.
(09/08 23:13:45) Reteltee: Go ahead :)

(09/08 23:13:57) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R. oh - und Doc? Was ist mit deinen Gefuehlen fuer den DRC
(09/08 23:14:06) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: hatte noch jemand eine Idee?
(09/08 23:14:14) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: fahrt nur fort
(09/08 23:14:16) Aberlin: It seems to me that the DRC is gathering a lot of negativity from the fourms

(09/08 23:14:26) Reteltee: Yes, they are Aber

(09/08 23:14:57) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: F: fuer mich klingt es, als bekommt der DRC in den Foren viel negatives Feedback
(09/08 23:15:02) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: ja, das ist so

(09/08 23:15:05) Songe: are we being told to shut up?
(09/08 23:15:11) Reteltee: Not at all
(09/08 23:15:11) Aberlin: and the negativity is perpetuated by those whose intentions are good and to inform or correct a presumtption
(09/08 23:15:29) Reteltee: That, I don't know about Aber
(09/08 23:16:05) Moreta throws a bucket of water over Dimitrious! lol
(09/08 23:16:06) Aberlin: But then the discussions go downhill when someone takes a comment personally and lashes out in like manner
(09/08 23:16:20) Reteltee: Indeed, that seems to be the case Aberlin

(09/08 23:16:41) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: F: und das Negative wird durch die aufrechterhalten, deren Absichten (eigentlich) gut sind
(09/08 23:16:47) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: dazu weiss ich nichts

(09/08 23:16:56) Aberlin: People like that want attention and get angry thaty they aren't getting the attention that they want.
(09/08 23:16:57) Reteltee: Lol
(09/08 23:17:04) Reteltee: Indeed Aber
(09/08 23:17:12) Aberlin: So here's my idea
(09/08 23:17:13) Reteltee: ve a possible solution?

(09/08 23:17:16) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: F: aber dann sinkt das Level, sobald sich jemand persoenlich angegriffen fuehlt
(09/08 23:17:23) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: ja, das scheint wirklich so zu sein

(09/08 23:17:26) Aberlin: Silence the forums for sixty days
(09/08 23:17:49) Aberlin: Let the attention seekers find they don't have an audience

(09/08 23:17:54) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: F: Leute die Aufmerksamkeit wollen machen das oft so, weil sie sie so bekommen
(09/08 23:17:55) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: ja

(09/08 23:18:15) Reteltee: I don't know that that would work Aber, but keep thinking of ideas :)

(09/08 23:18:30) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: F: ich hab einen VOrschlag - Schweigen in den Forum fuer 60 Tage

(09/08 23:18:32) Reteltee: Thend, you have a question?
(09/08 23:18:36) Thend: Bahro in Relto again. Please make a post about it in the forum(s) with all the details (along with what they 'told' you) if you could, it's just a few are studying that sort of thing and it'd be helpful :)
(09/08 23:18:53) Reteltee: I'll post what I can
(09/08 23:18:55) Reteltee: :)

(09/08 23:19:00) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: F: sollen die Aufmerksamkeitshascher (sinnbildlich: Trolle) merken, dass sie kein Auditorium bekommen

(09/08 23:19:07) Thend thanks you very much!
(09/08 23:19:15) Reteltee: Anytime my friend
(09/08 23:19:22) Reteltee: Any other questions?
(09/08 23:19:28) Songe: Maybe if we got more information, you won't get so much critisum

(09/08 23:19:33) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: R: ich glaube nicht, dass das funktionieren wuerde, aber entwickelt ruhig Ideen :)

(09/08 23:19:34) Scarlette thinks the grand poobah is very accomodating :D
(09/08 23:19:47) Reteltee: Lol, thx Scar; Songe, what do you mean?
(09/08 23:20:16) samj: ok sorry had to retype i asked if you did not already have a guild shirt you will not ave acess

(09/08 23:20:17) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: F: Bahro auf Relto Postet bitte euere Erlebnisse soweit ihr koennt. Einige forschen dazu und jede Info kann hilfreich sein :)

(09/08 23:20:27) Songe: i thinmk it frustrates people - they don't know
(09/08 23:21:08) Drewski: hence a need for the GoMe
(09/08 23:21:15) Songe: so they vent thier feelings on the forum
(09/08 23:21:20) Relayer Corps: exactly
(09/08 23:21:44) Dimitrios: In Greece we say that the most important is the travel not the place we will end the travel.thats the main meaning of Odysee

(09/08 23:21:53) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: Songe moechte mehr Infos ueber das was passiert. Es frustriert Leute, wenn sie nichts hoeren. Und dann lassen sie ihre Gefuehle in den Foren aus
(09/08 23:22:45) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: Reteltee scheint abgestuerzt zu sein

(09/08 23:22:45) [Moderator]moirajane: thanks everyone for cooperating with moderation

(09/08 23:23:26) From Mucol in ErcanaCitySilo: Ende der uebertragung

(09/08 23:23:59) ...Chat.log stopped.

Danke an Mucol fuer die Übertragung !!
Danke an Davanie für die Überlassung des Logs !!
Hordath und die NULPen

Ich bin verantwortlich für das was ich schreibe, nicht für das was du glaubst zu verstehen
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Beitrag von Mucol » 09.09.2007, 11:07

Heute morgen hatte ich Gelegenheit Reteltee noch eine Frage zu der "Fabel" zu stellen. Mir schien diese besonders interessant, weil sie andeutet, dass Reteltee Zugang zu Büchern hat, die wir noch nicht kennen.
Daher wollte ich sicherheitshalber nachfragen, nicht dass ich da was während des obigen Relays etwas falsch verstanden habe.

(BTW, bitte Live-Übersetzungen immer mit einem gewissen Abstand sehen - sie sind schon alleine wegen der Eile nicht immer ganz präzise, ganz vollständig und es können sich auch über das "weitersagen per Relay" Fehler einschleichen. )

Aber wie dem auch sei, hier der Auszug:

(09/09 08:47:31) Mucol: Hey R, may I ask a question: you told yesterday a guild-tale, a book where it comes from and a possible event where you could give more tales. Right? Could you say more about this event (if I understood it correctly)?

(09/09 08:48:09) Reteltee: Yes Mucol; I'm woroking on putting together a Guild Tales night
(09/09 08:48:17) Reteltee: *working

(09/09 08:49:19) Mucol: great, thx, I hope I will come to know and already curious - thx
(09/09 08:49:29) Reteltee: You bet Mucol
(09/09 08:55:24) Mucol: Have you studied the guilds by the (english) DRC-journals like everyone of us explorers can, or do you have access to other originals?

(09/09 08:55:39) Reteltee: Yes Mucol
auf deutsch:
(09/09 08:47:31) Mucol: Hey R, darf ich was fragen: du sprachst gestern von einer Gildenfabel, von einem Buch woher sie stammt und einem möglichen Event bei dem du mehr Geschichten erzählen könntest. Richtig? Kannst du mehr zu diesem Event sagen (wenn ich es richtig verstanden habe)?

(09/09 08:48:09) Reteltee: Ja Mucol; Ich arabeite an einer Zusammenstellung für eine Gilden-Fabel-Nacht
(09/09 08:48:17) Reteltee: *arbeite

(09/09 08:49:19) Mucol: super, danke, ich hoffe, ich werde davon rechtzeitig erfahren und freue mich darauf - danke
(09/09 08:49:29) Reteltee: darauf kannst du wetten Mucol
(09/09 08:55:24) Mucol: Hast du die Gilden über die (englischen) DRC-Journale studiert so wie wir Forscher es alle können, oder hattest du Zugang zu anderen Originalen?

(09/09 08:55:39) Reteltee: Ja Mucol
Die zweite Frage mit einem "ja" zu beantworten finde ich irgendwie witzig, auch wenn ich in diesem Punkt jetzt nicht schlauer bin :D

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Beitrag von Hamsta » 09.09.2007, 11:50

Zu der Frage zu der Fabel: im original Chatlog schreibt Reteltee ja, dass er sie selbst erfunden hat.
Und ich nehme schwer an, er hat von deiner zweiten Frage nur den ersten Teil mit Ja beantwortet ;)
In MYST geht es darum in eine komplett andere Welt einzutauchen, dieser Welt erlauben deine eigene zu werden, sie zu erforschen damit du sie verstehst.
- Rand Miller
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Beitrag von Marck » 09.09.2007, 12:04

Hamsta hat geschrieben:Zu der Frage zu der Fabel: im original Chatlog schreibt Reteltee ja, dass er sie selbst erfunden hat.
Jau. Hier der entsprechende Ausschnitt (aus Cavern Today), in dem er auch die Idee einer "Fabel-Nacht in Kirel" hat.
09/08 16:50:01) Reteltee: Thanks :)
(09/08 16:50:12) Janine: wow Reteltee, where did you get that story?
(09/08 16:50:12) KL/RREN sieht vince da sitzen
(09/08 16:50:12) Ron1P has the clap
(09/08 16:50:14) nay thanks you very much!
(09/08 16:50:23) Error: Don't know how to '/thank you'
(09/08 16:50:29) Selee Tayoy thanks you very much!
(09/08 16:50:38) Sha'ingira cheers
(09/08 16:51:00) Reteltee: That story is from an old book of D'ni tales, which I was fortunate enough to stumble upon (OOC; I made it up)
(09/08 16:51:07) [Moderator] Lfus: Dimitrios please pretype your question for Reteletee
(09/08 16:51:11) nay: cool
(09/08 16:51:12) SillyEagle: LOL
(09/08 16:51:22) [Moderator] Lfus: but do not ask until i give you the heads up
(09/08 16:51:24) Trevor1013: Awesome!
(09/08 16:51:33) Dakro: Heh okay that's what we'll all keep telling ourselves
(09/08 16:51:38) KL/RREN vince siehst mich?
(09/08 16:51:49) Sorceress: If you manage to get your hands on more fables, please share! :)
(09/08 16:51:55) Gadren: yah
(09/08 16:52:01) Ron1P says huh?
(09/08 16:52:03) Reteltee: I'd be happy to :)
(09/08 16:52:03) Francesca: yes, please
(09/08 16:52:13) [Moderator] Lfus: are you still taking questions Reteltee?
(09/08 16:52:17) nay cheers
(09/08 16:52:19) Reteltee: We'll have a Story Night in Kirel
(09/08 16:52:24) Reteltee: :)
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Beitrag von Mucol » 09.09.2007, 12:57

Ok, sowas dachte ich mir schon.
Wobei ich ja schon zu sabbern angefangen hätte, wenn eine neue, originale Quelle aufgetaucht wäre.... Bild